Hello, my name is Luana Mottinelli. I was born in 1985 and  I live in Favria Canavese province of Turin.
Painting, drawing and fashion are the only constants in my life. Changing ages , experiences , places , but these passions never leaves me . As a child I drew of my barbie clothes , then my mom would cut them out of recycled material ( socks with holes , rags , old tablecloths ) , sewed them , and then I added flowers, butterflies and everything I found beautiful with markers .
I attended an institute of art in Castellamonte (TO) is famous for its ceramics, and even though I chose a ’ university more theoretical , while I was studying I have done courses in tailoring and participated in group shows and art events.

After the school I’m part of a group of artists the ” Carlin Bergoglio ” of Cuorgnè a nearby village . With them organize exhibitions and participate in competitions . Art is my hobby and I hope my Work.
I can say that mine is a traveling workshop . My instruments are at home, but often I paint during flea markets, fairs and even outdoors in the relaxing days.

I paint with oil, watercolors , acrylic, pencils , crayons and markers depending on the effect I want to achieve. Similarly change the media , from paper , to canvas and wood. I love to experiment and one of my favorites material is paper grinder that holds the pigment pencils in a sublime way .

My style is influenced by the design and theater Japanese , and its culture in general. I like the contrasts and for this, many of my works are reviewed between Pop Art and Naif .
Since I became a mother the biggest inspiration for me is my baby, that reminds me every day the beauty of surprise for the little things. For him, every painting he did her mother, and the importance that makes me to move each time.

I work a lot on commission, and I realize votive pillars, signs and murals for local in general.

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